Bizarre Oddities: Alex Jones Calls Zionist Jew George Soros A Billionaire NAZI

Screen Shot 2016-02-20 at 9.27.04 AM Screen Shot 2016-02-20 at 9.30.39 AMVideo From Alex Jones: Black Lives Matter Boss Is An Old White Nazi Worth Billions

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  • By Jack Allen

    Alex Jones knows the truth but seems to be more of a gate-keeper these days. Here is a classic video with Alex Jones talking with Terminally Ill Jewish Whistleblower Aaron Russo who Exposed The Zionist New World Order Agenda

    Who is George Soros? Interesting articles below

    No doubt you know that there is an attempt by one group to control the world. Where does George Soros fit in?

    Here is the left and right agenda that is walking the world over a cliff. Ever notice that no matter if it is a Democrat or Republican in the White House you will still have wars and the raising of the national debt?

    The same thing is happening around the world!

    Below are the two camps of control that is causing the world’s problems.



    The liberal Jew camp is composed of Trotskyite Jews (or just very left leaning Jews + their gentile followers) who want a borderless world with a global government based on the United Nations concept (or even the UN itself). These are the “do-gooders” who naively dream of a John Lennon “Imagine” type world. They feel they can “love” their way to global power (though they can become violent against anyone who opposes their worldview). In the 1960’s they were called the “New Left” (e.g., Abbie Hoffman, Jerry Rubin, Lee Weiner, Saul Alinsky, etc).
    Obama’s Pal Bill Ayers was part of the mostly Jewish Terrorist ring The Weather Underground – The fit into the Jewish Liberal Camp

    The Weather Underground from Revolucionarni Filmovi on Vimeo.


    The NEOCON Jew camp (+ their gentile followers) also wants a borderless world but with a global government revolving around a NYC-DC-LONDON-JERUSALEM axis. These are the enslaving type Jews who want 99% of global wealth in their hands, and the rest of humanity in a “global plantation” type condition. They feel they can bomb their way to global power. FYI: The cold war gentile warriors (e.g., Nixon, Reagan, Bush Sr., etc) and their Jewish globalist handlers (e.g., Henry Kissinger, Irving Kristol, Norman Podhoretz, Milton Friedman, etc) fall into this camp.

    Pick almost any wicked Jew and they’ll rather neatly fit into either the liberal camp or the NEOCON camp. But sometimes you’ll find a Jew who is primarily in the liberal camp but with one foot in the ZIONIST camp (out of tribal loyalty to Israel).

    The following are some globalist Jews*, organizations, publications, etc showing which camp they fit in:

    *Some people on this list are not Jews. However, they are what we call “Jew-think” gentiles, i.e., they subscribe to, support, and advance the globalist Jewish agenda (knowingly or unknowingly).

    Noam Chomsky
    George Soros
    The radical elements of the Democratic Party (e.g. Dennis Kucinich)
    Open Society Institute
    The Rockefeller Foundation
    United Nations
    Workers World
    European Union
    Any “Green” political party
    Any Socialist or Communist political party (obviously)
    Any radical “Progressive” organization
    International Committee Against Racism (and any anti-racist organization)
    Any anti-Fascist organization
    Any anti-Nationalist organization
    All Hollywood film and television studios
    Organizations fighting Global Warming (but generally only the higher ups in these organizations)
    Greenpeace (but generally only the higher ups in this organization)
    Sierra Club (but generally only the higher ups in this organization)
    Carnegie Endowment For International Peace
    Michael Moore
    Amy Goodman
    HIAS (Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society)
    Amnesty International
    Human Rights Watch (and just about any human rights organization)
    Norman Finkelstein
    The Pope & much of the Vatican
    The entire MSNBC lineup
    ANSWER Coalition (Act Now to Stop War and End Racism) – American Trotskyite organization
    UAF (Unite Against Fascism) – British Trotskyite organization funded in part by George Soros
    J-Street (with a foot in the ZIONIST camp but not in a militant “Likud-type” way)
    L.A. Jews for Peace (and each large city has a similar group)
    ACLU (American Civil Liberties Union)
    SPLC (Southern Poverty Law Center)
    Foreign Policy (a journal/magazine)
    Los Angeles Times
    Ford Foundation
    Tides Foundation (funded in part by Teresa Heinz Kerry)
    et al.

    Benjamin Netanyahu
    Alan Dershowitz
    Dennis Prager
    Michael Medved
    Most (or at least many) Clear Channel AM talk radio hosts
    George Bush
    Dick Cheney
    The radical elements of the Republican Party (e.g. Newt Gingrich)
    Ann Coulter
    The Weekly Standard (a magazine)
    The Wall Street Journal
    The Washington Times
    Any publication by Rupert Murdoch
    Foreign Affairs (a journal/magazine)
    AJC (American Jewish Committee)
    JINSA (Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs)
    European Jewish Congress
    Koch Brothers
    Steven Spielberg
    Rush Limbaugh
    Alan Greenspan
    Ben Bernanke
    Rothschild Family
    Chaim Weizmann (key historical figure)
    David Ben-Gurion (key historical figure)
    AIPAC (American Israel Public Affairs Committee)
    Council on Foreign Relations
    Hoover Institution
    The Trilateral Commission
    The CATO Institute
    WTO (World Trade Organization) – the WTO facilitates tarrif free trade, thus allowing for the use of wage-slave labor in the third world
    NAFTA, CAFTA, FTAA and all other “free” trade pacts (also called “Neoliberal” trade policies)
    World Bank
    IMF (International Monetary Fund)
    AEI (American Enterprise Institute)
    WJC (World Jewish Congress)
    Simon Wiesenthal Center
    The entire FOX News lineup
    Pamela Geller
    et al.
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